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barrier-free food

Please inquire about food allergies etc. at least 4 days before your visit.

◇◆◇Please contact us with the information below◇◆◇

※Please note that the allergy-friendly menu provided by our hotel is not a menu that completely eliminates allergens, but only low-allergen dishes.

※If you have a food allergy to multiple ingredients, or depending on the severity of your allergy, we may not be able to accommodate you.

※If your symptoms are serious or you make a last-minute request, we will prioritize your safety and may ask you to bring your own food, or we may refuse your request due to unavoidable circumstances.

  • ◆About raw materials for allergic symptoms

    [7 specific raw materials]
    ·egg ·wheat ·milk ·peanut ·Soba noodles ·Shrimp ·Crab ·Walnut… Added as 8 items from March 2023

    [21 items that are equivalent to specified raw materials]
    ·gelatin ·beef ·pig ·chicken meat ·squid ·Salmon ·Matsutake
    ·Kiwi fruit ·banana ·apple ·cashew nuts ·how much ·Abalone ·Mackerel
    ·Sesame ·Walnut ·soy ·Yam ·almond ·Peaches ·orange 

    [What's not on the list?]
    ·cacao(chocolate cocoa) ·rice ·Sesame ·millet ·Hie ·potato ·mango ·clams(clam) ·oyster ·eel ·conger eel ·Blue fish(mackerel,Grunt,Kingfish,Yellowtail,Horse mackerel,flying fish)

★Please tell us about the use of derived extracts, binders, and seasonings.★Please let me know about the possibility of cross-reactivity.

  • ◆Regarding requests for religious dishes

    ·halal meat ·pork ·beef ·chicken meat ·Mutton ·Bouillon (pork derived ingredient)/gelatin(Pig-derived ingredients) ·lard(Pig-derived ingredients) ·animal shortening(Pig-derived ingredients) ·pork bone soup(Pig-derived ingredients) ·alcoholic drinks ·cooking sake,sweet sake ·Alcohol-added soy sauce
  • ◆Regarding vegetarian/vegan accommodation

    ·shellfish ·Konnyaku(With shellfish) ·Garlic ·Green onions(five yam) ·Leek(five yam) ·Rakkyo(five yam) ·Asatsuki(five yam) ·egg ·soup stock(Meat/Fish such as bonito) ·gelatin(Pig-derived ingredients) ·sake lees ·cooking sake/sweet sake ·Sauce(with onions) ·ketchup(with onions) ·curry powder ·cochineal dye/lac dye
  • ◆Please tell us about your food allergies.

    ※Have you ever had anaphylactic shock?
    ※Have you been diagnosed with a food allergy by a doctor and are you currently visiting the hospital regularly?
    ※Have you been prescribed an EpiPen?
    ※How do you deal with foods that cause allergies at home?
     (For example, are you completely removing it, or are you eating a little bit?etc.)

【About the nearest general hospital from our hotel】

Matsue Red Cross Hospital 200 Boraicho, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture 690-8506 Tel:0852-24-2111

  • ◆About the kitchen and cooking equipment/appliances

    ※All menus provided by our hotel, including allergy-friendly meals, use the same kitchen, cooking equipment, and utensils.
    ※There is a possibility that trace amounts of allergens may be mixed in during the cooking and serving process.
    ※Small amounts of allergens may remain on tableware such as plates, spoons, and chopsticks during the cleaning process.

◆If you would like to change your meal, please let us know if you would like to make changes to the meal for yourself only or for those accompanying you.

◆Additional charges may apply if a different meal is provided than usual.

Chopped food, mixer food, thick food

◆We will do our best to accommodate bite-sized meals, chopped meals, mixer meals, and thickened meals.◆

When making a reservation, please inquire about the size and processing method you would like.

【Regarding reservations and inquiries regarding food】

  • ◆We will contact you for confirmation.

    Regarding the above information, please contact us by phone, fax, or email at the time of reservation or at least 4 days before use.
    If there are any dishes or ingredients that cannot be eaten, we will contact you to confirm.