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News from the hotel

【Apology for National Travel Support】

We are currently taking time to handle reservations and respond to inquiries.

  • Currently, there are many inquiries about "reservation handling (all accommodation reservations including reservations via travel agencies and direct reservations)" and "national travel support" related to national travel support, and it is taking time to respond.
    ·We are sorry for the delay in replying to your inquiry email regarding "National Travel Support".
    ·I'm having trouble connecting to your phone.
    ·Reservation email response is delayed.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.
    ★In addition, for inquiries regarding nationwide travel support, please check the information below and the linked information site.

【10/11 start】Nationwide Travel Assistance "Both relationships and beautiful skin are from Shimane.About Shimane Travel Campaign

[Regarding the campaign, please check the holding period and business details by yourself before using it.】

★If you made a reservation via a travel agency or via a reservation site other than the official website of this facility, please check with each travel agency or reservation site.

★When making a reservation on the hotel's official website, by phone, or by e-mail, please let us know that you are using the campaign at the time of reservation.

  • ◆Please check the period and business details of the campaigns that are currently being carried out and use them.
    ※Please check the latest information as the period may change depending on the budget limit and the infection situation.
    ※The campaign will end as soon as the budget amount is reached.
    ◆To use the campaign, it is necessary to present (1) identity verification documents and (2) proof of vaccination (3 times or more).
    ※Shimane residents are eligible for a discount if they present a second vaccination or a negative certificate.
    (Even if you present the notice of the 3rd and 4th inoculation)

    ◆Documents to be submitted at check-in must be presented in order to use the campaign.
    ◆In particular, if you cannot confirm at the time of check-in, "❶ something that can confirm your identity and residence" and "❷ certificate of 3 doses of vaccination or negative proof such as PCR test*" will not be eligible. Please be careful not to forget it.
    ·Negative proof of PCR test, etc.*
     *PCR test:Inspection date + within 3 days/Antigen quantitative test:Inspection date + within 3 days/Antigen qualitative test:Inspection date + 1 day (We cannot accept other proofs.)

    ⇩For details on the campaign, please visit the website below.⇩

rediscovery! About Your Shimane Campaign (#WeLove Sanin Campaign)

  • ◆Please check the period and business details of the campaigns that are currently being carried out and use them.
    ※The period, etc. may change depending on the infection situation, so please check the latest information.
    ◆Documents to be submitted at check-in must be presented in order to use the campaign.
    ◆In particular, please be careful not to forget your "ID card (that shows your place of residence)" and "★ valid certificate, etc." if they cannot be confirmed at check-in.
    ★What is a valid certificate, etc.?
    (A) A document showing that more than 14 days have passed since the vaccination was completed twice or a certificate of completion of three vaccinations(image,copy,New Corona Vaccination Certificate app available from the Digital Agency)
    (B) Negative certificate or test result notification(the below described,Free PCR test result notification,email possible)
     ·PCR test/antigen quantitative test(Valid within 3 days)
     ·Antigen qualitative test(Valid within 1 day)
     ※If you are not a citizen of Shimane Prefecture, you will need a certificate of vaccination for 3 doses or a negative certificate.The vaccination certificate for two doses is valid only for residents of Shimane Prefecture.
    that's all.
    ★No other proof will be accepted.
    ◆Contact us
    【Call center for using accommodation facilities in Shimane Prefecture】
    (#WeLove Sanin Campaign Shimane Secretariat)
    Reception hours:From 9:30 to 17:30(Weekdays Only)

Notice of suspension

【Holiday period:2023/01/10 (Tuesday) 12:00 to 2023/02/11 (Saturday) 12:00】

  • Naniwa Issui will undergo renovation work according to the above schedule.
    We would like to report here and the entire building will be closed during the construction period.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand.
    We sincerely ask for your continued patronage of "Naniwa Issui" after the renewal.
    ※The closing period is subject to change.Please understand.

Reservations for the 2023 Matsue Suigo Festival

  • Regarding accommodation reservations for the Matsue Suigo Festival in 2023, as the scheduled date has not been decided at this time,
    Within one week after the official announcement of the date, we will announce the start date and time of accepting reservations on the website of this facility.
    Thank you very much.

The summer "Beer Garden" will be officially closed from 2022.Thank you for your patronage.

Notice of closure of group store "Restaurant Naniwa Honten

  • Matsue Ohashi Kitazume"Restaurant Naniwa Honten" is planning renovation work.
    As a result, the entire building will be closed for the time being.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand.
    We sincerely ask for your continued patronage of the "Naniwa Honten

【Important notice】About new coronavirus infectious disease prevention measures

  • At this facility, we have decided to take the following measures as a preventive measure against infectious diseases.

    ◆We have installed an acrylic partition at the reception counter.
     We will serve customers in order to avoid congestion.
     ※Please allow plenty of time for check-out.

    ◆We have installed a non-contact temperature monitor (thermometer) at the entrance.
     If the monitor detects heat, an alarm will sound.
     In that case, the staff will check in a separate room, so please cooperate.
    (We will consult with the public health center and take appropriate measures.)

    ◆We will stop the movement of customers' vehicles that employees have done so far.
     Employees will guide you to the parking lot on or off the premises (both free of charge).

    ◆A health check will be conducted for all employees and employees who enter the facility.
     If you stay in the facility for more than 3 hours, we will also check your health when you leave.
    (Check for symptoms such as fever, confirm travel such as travel, record time, name and contact information)
     In addition, we will thoroughly carry out hygiene instructions prescribed by our company, such as hand washing and disinfection of fingers.

    ◆Please fill out the questionnaire at check-in in case an outbreak is confirmed.
     Please enter the contact information of the group as well as the representative customer.
     For group trips, please submit a list of guests in advance.
     The personal information we receive will be protected by our privacy policy.

    ◆Please use the disinfectant solution at the entrance, restaurant entrance, elevator hall on each floor, and shared toilet.
     We will prepare alcohol spray for disinfection that you can use in this facility.
    (Please refrain from taking it out of the library or taking it home.)

    ◆Employees wear masks and face shields and respond to customers.
     Contaminants will be processed and disposed of at the designated place and method.

    ◆Employees carry their own disinfecting alcohol and surfactant disinfectant.
     We will strengthen disinfection in this facility and disinfect hands just before serving customers.

    ◆Employees try not to enter the guest room as much as possible.
    (We will try to simplify guest room information.)

    ◆Please be assured that you will always sterilize with an ozone sterilizer when cleaning the guest room.
     Generates ozone at a concentration that has a bactericidal effect on new coronaviruses, etc., but before check-in
     Since ozone changes into oxygen, there is no health problem.
     ※Due to sterilization work, it may not be possible to change the usage time of the guest room.
    ◆Since the capacity for elevators and shuttle vehicles will be reduced,
     It may not be available all at once.
     We will also reduce the capacity of banquet halls and conference rooms.(We will also consider setting up.)

    ◆"SPA Shizuku" will take measures against infectious diseases and resume operations.
     Japan Beauty Salon Tick Promotion Council and Japan Beauty Salon Tick Organization
     We will thoroughly comply with the "Guidelines for Coronavirus Response to New Coronavirus in Beauty Salons".

    ◆"Karaoke Room Rakusui" will be closed for the time being.
    (Reservations are accepted for karaoke use at banquet halls with karaoke facilities.)

    ◆We will enhance the ventilation of common areas.
     In the guest room, please use the ventilation fan and the air purifier installed in the room.

    ◆The maximum number of guests in the large public bath/open-air bath is limited to 6 adults and children.
     Take a large space for undressing.At both ends of the Karan, there are plates separating them from their neighbors.
     We have introduced a congestion guidance system.

    ◆The number of people in the smoking room on the 1st floor is limited to 3 people.(It is a 2m interval.)

    ◆We will discontinue hand towels and use disposable hand towels (normal temperature).

    ◆The sweets in the room will be in individual cases or individually wrapped.

    ◆Room meals will be abolished.Customers will be provided with a private dining hall for both evening and breakfast.

    ◆We will try to avoid late food as much as possible.
     We will reduce the number of employees entering the room (number of contacts) as much as possible.
     We mainly use "tableware with a lid" for hygiene management.
     We discontinue the handling and special dishes (chopsticks and tongs).
     ※If you have any foods that you cannot eat due to allergies, please contact us at least 3 days before your stay.We will change the menu.
     ※We cannot respond to requests on the day.Please understand.

    ◆We will stop wearing "Kimono" uniforms and make uniforms for our employees.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

IAUD International Design Award 2020 Gold Award

  • ≪New arrival≫IAUD International Design Award 2020 Gold Award

    We have been promoting "universal design of Onsen Onsen inns" with the aim of "a Onsen Onsen inn where people with and without disabilities can stay together", but the efforts so far have been highly evaluated and domestically. We received the gold medal in the housing and construction category of the "IAUD International Design Award 2020" sponsored by the "International Universal Design Council", the largest UD promotion organization.
    (This is the first award for accommodation related to inns and hotels.)
    We would like to report here and thank all of you for your support.
    We will continue to make sincere efforts to live up to your trust.

    Judge's point of view:
    It is an attractive universal design.Not only is it barrier-free, it's a place where everyone can relax, and it's a moving example of tourism for everyone.
    Onsen are very important in Japanese culture, but previously they were not available to people with some physical restrictions.
    Naniwa Ryokan has made various efforts for a long time to provide an inclusive experience.This is a great example of what we have achieved as a result of our continuous efforts and learning from our users with a firm belief in the principles of universal design.
    (In addition to the commonly used notation of "universal", the notation of "universal" used by the International Council for Universal Design is also used in the text.)

    For more information, please visit the website of the IAUD International Design Awards 2020.

Non-smoking information in this facility

  • Thank you for your patronage of our group stores.
    Now, it is a smoking cessation countermeasure that has been requested by many customers so far, but it was established in accordance with the “Revised Health Promotion Act (Passive Smoking Prevention Act)” which will be fully implemented in April 2020. The entire site, except for smoking rooms, will be completely non-smoking.
    Customers who smoke cigarettes (including electronic cigarettes, etc.) are inconvenienced, but smoking is requested only in the newly established smoking room.
    The transition to non-smoking on the site is as follows.

    ◆About Naniwa Issui
    ·There will be a smoking room near the entrance on the 1st floor.
    ·Banquet halls except for guest rooms, dining halls, toilets, energy, recreational waters, gardens, parking lots, etc.
    Public spaces will be "Non-smoking from March 1, 2020".
    ·For accommodation rooms (including veranda and wood deck)
    “No smoking from April 1, 2020 (check-in customers)”.
    (The second floor rooms are still non-smoking. )

    ◆About Naniwa Honten
    ·There will be a smoking room on the first floor.
    ·Whole building (Including dining, private dining hall, toilet, entrance area, garden)
    “No smoking from March 1, 2020”.

    ◆About pick-up vehicle
    ·“No smoking” as before.

    【Please be careful】
    ◆When making a reservation through the Internet, even if the reservation date is after April 2020, "Smoking allowed" may be displayed in the room description column on the screen.
    (Please note that cautionary notes etc. will be described as much as possible outside the margin. )
    Similarly, during the transition period, the same information may be displayed on travel agency information.

    ◆If you smoke inside a guest room, dining hall, or public space (excluding smoking-only rooms), you will not be able to provide rooms and other facilities to the next guests.
    For this reason, if you are allowed to smoke, you may be required to pay a cleaning fee to restore smoking cessation and a business compensation for the period during which business is not possible (time required for cleaning).(Includes electronic cigarette smoking.)
    I understand that there are inconveniences and inconveniences associated with quitting smoking.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

About GoTo Travel Campaign

  • Regarding the Go To Travel business, regardless of whether it is a new reservation or an existing reservation, the application of this business will be suspended nationwide from Monday, December 28, 2nd year of Reiwa.
    ※For travel and accommodation products after Monday, February 1, sales to which this business is applied have not been permitted.

    Upon participating in the GoTo Travel Campaign, this facility has been registered as a business operator.
    From 15:00 on Saturday, August 1, 2020
    【STAYNAVI(Stay Navi)】Discount coupons can be issued on the site.

    ≪How to use≫
    ①. Please make a reservation for this facility on the official website of the hotel or by phone.(Local payment only)
    ②. After completing the reservation, please register for free membership yourself on the "STAY NAVI" site.
    ③. Search for this facility (Naniwa Issui) you booked on the "STAY NAVI" site,
       Please fill in the reservation information obtained in ① according to the form.
    ④. A discount coupon will be issued based on the information entered.
    ⑤. Please present the following ◆ at the front desk at check-in.
      ◆"GoTo travel campaign discount coupon number issued by "STAYNAVI""... If you do not show it, the discount is excluded.
      ◆"Identification card that can confirm your address (until 9/30 for all guests)" ... Please be sure to bring it with you.If all are not presented, the discount is exempt.
      (Depending on the site you applied for, only one representative may be presented.)
      In addition, please fill in your name, address, and contact information.
      Thank you for your cooperation.
    ⑥. A discount is applied at the time of check-out payment.
    ※Please print it out or show the screen of the acquisition coupon on My Page.
    ※If you do not have the above environment, please write down the coupon number and bring it with you.

    ★For guests who have already booked accommodation after September 1, please reschedule.

    Regarding the handling of regional coupons
    It will be available from October 1st, but this facility can only use "paper coupons".
    Please understand that electronic coupons cannot be used.

    ≪We will inform you of "matters that travelers must comply with" when using this facility.≫
    ※Be sure to check if you are using the Go To Travel Campaign.

    ·Before traveling, please check your physical condition such as temperature measurement.
    ·If you have a fever or have a cold, refrain from traveling.
    ·Please actively use the contact confirmation app.
    ·Please carry out "new travel etiquette" while traveling.
    ·3 Do not go to places or facilities where congestion occurs.Please do not use.
    ·Please refrain from making loud calls.
    ·Please cooperate with the instructions of our staff regarding temperature measurement, identity verification, measures against secret contact, and other infection prevention.
     (Note:If you do not cooperate, we may not be permitted to use the Go To Travel Campaign.)
    ·It is generally advisable to refrain from group trips for young people, elderly people who are vulnerable to illness, and those with large banquets, as they are generally considered to be at high risk.
     (If you do this, please make appropriate travels on the premise that you will take steady measures to prevent infection, such as school trips and educational trips.)
    ·In addition to the above, please read "New Travel Etiquette", which summarizes points to keep in mind to prevent infection from a traveler's perspective.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    ★For inquiries regarding GoTo Travel, please contact the GoTo Travel Office below.