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The tongue dances.A rich taste of the seasons, with the best of the cuisine of the local Sanin.

Fish of Lake Shinji local, Japan seafood, happiness of rich earth.It is a delicious hospitality where fresh ingredients are extremely sprinkled with the best of the dishes.

  • 【apology】
    From December 2021, we have stopped offering Matsuba crab (snow crab) due to difficulty in purchasing it.
    We are very sorry, but please understand that we cannot accept reservations for dishes using matsuba crab (snow crab).
    The Matsuba crab (snow crab) in the dish photo has been changed to other ingredients.

About food allergies

【barrier-free food】

  • ◆We accept requests for dishes related to food allergies and religion.
    If you have any allergies (we do not have a dedicated kitchen) or food or ingredients that you cannot eat, please contact us at least 4 days in advance.
    ※Regarding the offer on the day, we cannot respond because the ingredients etc. are not ready.Please note.
    ※For more information, please see the "barrier-free Food" page.

Thoughts in one plate

  • Matsue City, Matsue City is a land blessed with ingredients brought by the rich nature of lakes, seas, mountains, and villages.
    A brackish water lake where freshwater and seawater mix, the fruits of Lake Shinji, where various fish species are nurtured, seafood delivered from the rich fishing grounds of the Sea of Japan,
    We try to make the best use of the flavor of ingredients such as Shimane Wagyu, which is the pride of Wagyu beef production areas.

    From one plate, we offer the joy of tasting the delicacies with all five senses.
    Please spend a time to warm your body and soul through cooking.

    The history of this facility begins with Naniwa Ryokan, a restaurant and inn founded in 1918.
    At the foot of the Matsue Ohashi Bridge, it is said that Koizumi Yakumo ( Lafcadio Hearn ) also lived here, and it was a ryokan inn with beautiful scenery.
    Inheriting the skills and philosophy of the culinary inn that was born in the castle town of Matsue, we welcome you with the products that we put our skills into as an inn that conveys the deliciousness of the local area.

Introduction of dishes

Taste the delicacies of Sanin -Seasonal kaiseki cuisine-

  • It is a kaiseki cuisine where you can experience the "Shimane-ness", which incorporates the bounties of Sanin on each plate.
    Focusing on seafood caught off the coast of Sanin and branded Shimane Wagyu
    We offer a variety of flavors for each season.

    Please enjoy to your heart's content the dishes that the chef's skill is put into each dish.
  • Premium Shimane Wagyu Kaiseki Meal

    It is a "Japanese Shimane Wagyu kaiseki cuisine" that uses plenty of Shimane's proud brand beef "Shimane Wagyu".
    Enjoy premium Wagyu beef in a variety of cooking styles.
  • Shimane beautiful skin set

    course meal based on the concept of beautiful skin, suitable for a night spent in Shimane, the prefecture of beautiful skin.

    We are also passionate about selecting ingredients and nutritional balance to nurture beautiful skin.
    The beauty is expressed by the color and arrangement of the appearance.
  • Breakfast

    Please enjoy breakfast with local ingredients of Sanin.
    "Shijimi soup" which used Shijimi from Lake Shinji is free to change.
  • Children's dishes

    Along with Shimane's specialty dishes such as Shimane Wagyu beef and sashimi, we will prepare classic dishes that children will love.
    Our chefs show their skills so that children can experience the joy of eating.

    ※Please make a reservation in advance

    Click here for more information on children's meals

Single item/additional dish

anniversary dishes

  • champagne & fruit
    For celebrating anniversaries and creating memories of your trip.
    Upon reservation, champagne (sparkling wine) and fruit will be provided.

    ※Charged, reservation required