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Spa Room Shizuku

  • Spa room, sizuku

    We are preparing a treatment menu that calms the mind and relaxes with aroma oil.Please also use male customers.
    ◎ 16: 00-23: 00, Spa Shizuku treatment(Final treatment start time: From 22 o'clock)

    In the morning, it can be used as a dedicated powder room for women.(Free)
    Herb tea, nail, female magazines, etc. are available.Please use it freely.
    ◎ 6: 00 to 10: 30
    • SPA, sizuku treatment menu
      • Depth of the moon
        Aroma Oil Relaxation Body Massage.(back)
        It stimulates by massaging mainly the back column which supports the body, it suppresses stiff shoulder stiffness, fatigue, stress, and balances autonomic nerves.
        Time required
        30min 40min
        ¥ 6,000 -, ¥ 8,000 -
      • A drop of a star
        Aroma Oil Relaxation Body Massage(Whole body)
        A synergistic effect of aroma oil and massage technique suppresses corrs and pain, tiredness and stress, invites superb healing and opening of mind and body.
        Time required
        60min 90min 120min
        ¥ 12,000 -, ¥ 18,000 -, ¥ 24000 -
      • Drop of light
        Aroma Oil Relaxation Body Massage(back)
        It relieves the pain of the waist which is essential, I will raise the surrounding from the sole of the foot.
        It releases stress on the back and encourages physical and mental stability.
        Time required
        40min 60min
        ¥ 8,000 -, ¥ 12,000 -
      • Sea drops
        I massage the sole called the second heart.
        It is a foot therapy that relaxes fatigue and swelling of the legs by improving the circulation in the body by massaging the whole leg from the toe to the leg root.
        Time required
        ¥ 6,000 -
      • Sky drop
        It is head therapy for people who feel tired in their eyes and those with heavy heads.
        Perform an elaborate massage on the entire scalp, and prepare lymph and blood flow.
        While relaxing smell with aroma, relax and wipe out tired eyes and head.
        Time required
        ¥ 6,000 -
      • ※Customers using visitors ... Above fee+¥ 1,000 -
    • 「SPA 【雫 ~ sizuku ~】

      Front desk 0852 - 21 - 4132: Extension number 9
      Business hours
      Spa Shizuku treatment from 16:00 to 23:00(Final treatment start time: From 22 o'clock) Powder room dedicated to ladies from 6:00 to 10:30

About using Spa Shizuku treatment

As a rule, we will only respond to customers who booked in advance.Please apply according to your reservation.Reservations are accepted at Naniwa Issui Front Desk "0852 - 21 - 4132".
Please note that we may not be able to accept your reservation for the day.
Guests using visitors can use the public bath and outdoor bath.
Please come (30 to 60 minutes in advance) with time.
Guests stay with us until the therapist picks up the room ten minutes ago.
We recommend bathing in advance.(Head hair therapy, please wash your hair and makeup remover.)
Please note that if you arrive late at the appointed time, there is a possibility that the treatment time will be shortened, or you will not be able to accept the schedule menu.

About change of reservation and cancellation

50% of reservation menu fee will be charged as cancellation fee after 24 hours before reservation.
After 4 hours before reservation, 100% of reservation menu fee will be charged as cancellation fee.

For your health ...

Those who currently have medical attention, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, skin trouble etc., those who are pregnant must declare at the time of reservation.
Please refrain from taking alcohol just before and immediately after use.
Those who have the following symptoms can not accept treatment.
◆People with skin disorder, "When there is fever," those with myocardial infarction or angina pectoris
◆Persons with severe cardiovascular disorders (phlebitis · organ symptoms are bad)
◆Those who are less than half a year after operation, "people within 30 minutes after meal" High blood pressure
◆When fatigue is extremely severe, "those in menstruation," those who are pregnant
In addition, if you are worried about your health condition such as allergies and injuries, please inform the therapist in advance.

A spa usage notice

The spa offers a quiet space where you can calm down and relax.
Therefore, we will refuse to use mobile phones and pager and smoking.
We ask for your cooperation in order to keep privacy and a comfortable space.
From 6:00 to 10:30 in the morning, you can use it as a free women's exclusive powder room.Please refrain from male customers for this time.The Spa Shizuku treatment from the afternoon can be used by male customers.
The use of the spa is from 16 years old.Please note.
Guests staying in the room can come with a Yukata, a bathrobe and slippers provided in the room.
For valuables please use the in-room safe or safe at the front desk on the 1st floor.