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SPA -Shizuku-

A therapy where you can feel the "Shizuku" of Shimane.

SPA -Shizuku- treatments are tailored to stiffness, pain, fatigue and stress.
Hand technique in both shallow (skin) and deep (muscle)
It regulates the flow of lymph and blood.
All therapies start with a foot bath to increase effectiveness
We will treat you while warming your whole body with a heat mat.
The mind and body are seen in "Shizuku (Plant Energy)" ...
Loose therapy
It heals the mind and body and leads to deep relaxation.

SPA sizuku -Shizuku-

  • Treatment menu

    Using leached oil from organic plants from Shimane Prefecture Product,
    We will give you a treatment tailored to you with our original aroma oil "Shizuku".

    ◇We provide a memorable experience for customers with disabilities.(Please tell me in detail the condition that can be treated.)
    ◇We also accept use by two people.
    ◇Also available for male guests.(Men's foot treatments are from knee to toe.)

    [Acquisition qualification]
    ·UK IFA International Aromatherapist
    ·Japan Beauty Salon Tic Association Certified Beauty Salon Tician
    ·AJESTHE Beautiful Skin Expert(Beautiful skin test)
    • List of treatment menus
      • Rose Shizuku –ROSE– Facial&Body Treatment
        We use the original leaching oil made from the organic edible rose "Sahime" cultivated in Oku Izumo Rose Garden in Shimane Prefecture.

        The body is filled with roses ...
        It is a special treatment that maximizes the power of roses and works on the mind and body.
        Time required
        Facial to body 70 to 120 minutes
        ¥19,800 to ¥33,000
      • Tsubaki no Shizuku -TSUBAKI- Head&Body Treatment
        We use precious camellia oil, which can only be squeezed in a small amount a year.
        "Cold pressed camellia virgin oil" not only loosens the tense head muscles, but also moisturizes the scalp and hair and protects them from dryness and damage.

        A treatment that leads to deep relaxation.
        Time required
        Head to body 45 to 90 minutes
        ¥11,000 to ¥23,100
      • Izumo Ginger Drop – IZUMO GINGER – Body Treatment
        We will treat you with leached oil using powder made by drying "Izumo ginger" cultivated and harvested in the "Kandatsu" area of the Izumo plain and high quality organic jojoba oil.

        It regulates the flow of lymph and blood in both the superficial and deep layers, relieving fatigue and tension in the body.
        Time required
        Body treatment 45 to 90 minutes
        ¥9,900 to ¥18,700
      • Unshu Ginseng Drop –UNSHU GINSENG– Body Treatment
        We use leaching oil using "Unshu ginseng" from Daikon Island, which is called "King of Chinese medicine", and high-quality organic jojoba oil.

        Using a hand technique that matches fatigue and stress, it regulates the flow of lymph and blood in both the superficial and deep layers of the body, relieving fatigue and tension in the body.
        Time required
        Body treatment 45 to 90 minutes
        ¥12,100 to ¥20,900
  • Philosophy of SPA -Shizuku-

    Shimane Prefecture is full of rich nature and history.Impressed by the power of the organic plants I encountered here, I prepared the original aroma oil "Shizuku" from various raw materials such as rose and Izumo ginger.The bounty of Shimane pleasantly stimulates the five senses, leading to deep relaxation.

    For a sustainable future, we value the bonds between people involved in spas, and provide services for people with disabilities based on the idea of "a pleasant journey for everyone."

    We would like to help our customers lead their minds and bodies to “wellness” through the blessings of the region and spa experiences that everyone can enjoy.

    We propose a lively Wellness lifestyle through the spa experience.

    • -01-Shimane・Healing of nature
      • A SPA experience that delivers the power of Shimane's nature will lead you to "beauty" that overflows from the mind and body.
        All raw materials for treatment oils are edible organic plants grown locally in Shimane Prefecture.We purchase from local producers who have a safe and secure production philosophy, such as non-use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and organic farming.

        A therapist who is qualified as an IFA International Aromatherapist in the UK will prepare and perform treatments by himself, and you can feel the lifelike "blessings of Shimane" on your skin.
    • -02-Ties with the community
      • For a better society and future.We connect customers with the region and the cyclical cycle of nature.
        In a single drop of oil, we put our commitment to a sustainable society...
        We are actively collaborating with local people who have the same idea, such as companies that have a mission to regenerate the environment through production and special needs schools that promote community collaboration.

        By experiencing the spa, feel the "circle of connection" with Shimane's community and nature.
    • -03- Promotion of universal tourism
      • We value kind hospitality to everyone, regardless of whether they have a disability or not.
        Naniwa Issui, a ryokan with spa and Onsen facilities, strives to provide barrier-free environment and assistive facilities.

        In order to be a Onsen inn where people with disabilities can relax and enjoy themselves, we are promoting universal tourism while receiving advice from organizations that support social participation of people with disabilities and local people with disabilities.
  • Other drops of Shimane

    • The blessings of Shimane gently stimulate your senses and sensibilities
      • "Green tuff" used for foot bath
        You can find green cobbles on the coast of Shimane Peninsula.
        The green tuff called green tuff is volcanic ash from submarine volcanic eruptions.
        It has been altered by hot water from volcanic activity.
        After that, the forces of the sea cause beautiful green boulders of various shapes to rise to the beach.

        It is said that this green tough has healing energy to heal a tired heart.
      • Organic yuzu essential oil Shimane Prefecture Product
        In a single drop of oil, we put our commitment to a sustainable society...
        In collaboration with the Matsue Prefectural Matsue School for the Handicapped, students use essential oils produced at the school for therapy.
        Essential oil of Tada Nishiki, a seedless yuzu cultivated in Shimane Prefecture.We only use yuzu peel grown naturally without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and we use essential oils made by steam distillation.
        (Other aromas are also available, so customers can choose.)
      • Skin-beautifying spring quality of this facility recognized in research surveys
        The POLA ORBIS Group, a cosmetics company,
        After investigating the bath Onsen water of each inn that touches the skin of the customer,
        The Onsen at this facility have been discovered to be good for the skin!

        What is the skin-beautifying spring quality “Relax Booster Onsen”?
        A clean and moist Onsen that gently relaxes.
        Effective in approaching unnecessary keratin that causes conspicuous pores, dryness, and dullness.
        After bathing, the penetration of lotion, etc., increases, and beauty ingredients reach every corner of the stratum corneum.

When using SPA Shizuku

About the use of treatment

◇Please make a reservation.
◇Reservations can be made at the Naniwa Issui Issui front desk "0852-21-4132" or "WEB reservation".
◆SPA Shizuku on the 3rd floor by the time of your reservation.The therapist will be waiting for you.
◆If you come late for the appointment time, the treatment time will be shortened,
 Please understand that you may not be able to receive your scheduled menu.

About visitor use

※Visitor fee... 2,200 JPY
◇Visitors can use the large public bath and open-air bath.
 ·We recommend taking a bath before the treatment.
 ·We do not allow admission for bathing only.
 ·Please come with plenty of time (30 to 60 minutes before).
◇When you come to the hotel, please check in at the front desk.
 ·Room wear 
 ·bath towel 
 ·We will lend you slippers.

About change of reservation and cancellation

·Cancellation on the day of use ... 100%
·Non-night on the day of use (if not used) ... 100%
·Cancellation the day before the date of use ... 50%
·Cancellation 2 days before the date of use ... 30%
·Cancellation 3 days before the date of use ... 30%
The above penalty (cancellation fee) will be charged.
(% Is the ratio of the penalty to the basic usage fee.)
◇If you come late for the appointment time, the treatment time will be shortened,
 Please understand that you may not be able to receive your scheduled menu.

For your health ...

Please refrain from taking alcohol just before and immediately after use.
For proper care, please let us know in advance if you have any of the following symptoms.
      ●Thyroid disease        ●Osteoporosis       ●Herniated disc
      ●Infection(Herpes Warts) ●Epilepsy         ●There are artificial objects such as metal in the body
      ●Blood coagulation disorder       ●Capillary disease(Internal bleeding does not disappear for a long time)
Also, if you have any of these symptoms, please let us know immediately. 

We have set the following contraindications.】
◆Symptoms of infectious diseases such as colds, enteritis and herpes     ◆Those with fever
◆Those who are prohibited from performing massages etc. by doctors   ◆Infectious disease

A spa usage notice

◇The spa offers a quiet space where you can calm down and relax. 
·Therefore, "use of mobile phone" and "smoking" are prohibited.
·This facility is completely non-smoking (including electronic cigarettes) on the premises except for the smoking room on the 1st floor.
·We ask for your cooperation in order to keep privacy and a comfortable space.
◇The use of the spa is from 16 years old.Please understand.
◇Guests can come in yukata, room wear, and slippers.
◇For valuables please use the in-room safe or safe at the front desk on the 1st floor.

About the use of large communal baths and open-air baths

◇Matsue Shinji Ko (lake) Onsen", which is supplied to this facility, is a natural Onsen abundant effects.
◇We recommend that you take a bath before the treatment.
◇After the treatment, the oil will make it slippery, so please use the shower first.
·Currently, admission is restricted (up to 6 children and accompanying children) to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
 We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

About preventive measures against infectious diseases

◇"SPA -Shizuku-" is published by "Japan Beauty Salon Tick Research Foundation"
We practice thorough hygiene management based on the "Beauty Salon Tick Hygiene Standards".

About payment

◇The above amount includes consumption tax.
◇Payment is requested at the front counter at check-out.