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Standard Room

General guest room Japanese-style room + Western-style room(301/302)

  • ≪About general room amenities≫
      shampoo, conditioner, Body Soap
      (Refill type)
     Women can borrow free color yukata on the first floor
     Yukata for children (Please contact me the size)
    ·Night wear
     Free loan on the first floor
    ·slipper (It is not disposable)
    ·bath towel
    ·Shower cap
    ·T-shaped razor
    ·There is also a free rental equipment list. Please let us know while making your reservation.

    【Humidifying air purifier】
    Humidified air purifiers are provided in the guest rooms.

    【Guide of the sunset】
    You can see the beautiful scenery of Lake Shinji changing every seasons in front of the guest room, but you can not see the sunset in front of the guest room. For customers who want to see the sunset, we will guide you to the “Torupa” sunset viewing spot on the opposite bank.

    【Information on smoking rooms】
    This property is completely non-smoking, except for smoking rooms.