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From December 2021, we have stopped offering Matsuba crab (snow crab) due to difficulty in purchasing it.
We are very sorry, but please understand that we cannot accept reservations for dishes using matsuba crab (snow crab).
The Matsuba crab (snow crab) in the dish photo has been changed to other ingredients.

The tongue dances.A rich taste of the seasons, with the best of the cuisine of the local Sanin.

Fish of Lake Shinji local, Japan seafood, happiness of rich earth.It is a delicious hospitality where fresh ingredients are extremely sprinkled with the best of the dishes.
  • Seasonal dishes

  • Premium Shimane Wagyu Kaiseki Meal

  • Children's cuisine and additional meals

  • Breakfast

    Please enjoy breakfast with local ingredients of Sanin.
    "Shijimi soup" which used Shijimi from Lake Shinji is free to change.
  • Cook benefits Other

Festive dining table

For a milestone in life.
Including celebration of childbirth, celebration of child's growth, celebration of longevity, etc.
Spend important memories such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries.
Please celebrate with everyone.

  • Festive dining table

    Roku no Zen    6,325 yen
    Kotobuki no Zen    7,590 yen
    Ho-oh     10,120 yen
    ※The photo is Kotobuki no Zen image of Kotobuki no Zen
    ※It is a cooking fee including consumption tax and service fee per person.A separate seat fee will be charged.
    ※We will pick you up by bus.Please contact us in advance.
  • Meal venue

    ◇Please enjoy both evening and breakfast in the "private private dining hall".
    ◇Enjoy cooking with peace of mind in your own private dining hall.
    ◇The dining hall is barrier-free.(There is no step and the door is a sliding door.)
    ※Notes:We do not accept room meals.

    ·For dinner and breakfast venues, we will prepare a private dining hall to prevent infectious diseases. 
    ·The venue for meals will be decided in consideration of the reservation status and wishes of the day.
    ·If you are traveling with young children or have a physical disability, please contact us at the time of booking.
    ※Notes:We do not accept room meals.
  • Crafter's technique

    The cook of Naniwa Ichisui, who knows the ingredients of the local Sanin, will make full use of the taste power of the ingredients to excite everyone's tongue.It takes over the taste of Matsue's long-established restaurant inn "Restaurant Naniwa Honten".
  • Allergic response

    Please contact us at the time of booking about "allergy-free (not in the private kitchen)" and "food and ingredients that can not be taken".
    ※Regarding the offer on the day, we cannot respond because the ingredients etc. are not ready.Please note.