【Official】Naniwa Issui

Welcome to the ultimate lakeside stay.

Clear your mind as the scenery of Lake Shinji changes with the passage of time.

A comfortable space that creates a moment of relaxation,
A hot bath facility filled with famous hot springs, a luxurious Sanin cuisine ---.
We have sprinkled hospitality to heal the mind and body from the core.

Please fully enjoy your stay at a Japanese resort.

【Guidance of the next fiscal year】Reservations for the 2024 Matsue Suigo Festival and Fireworks Festival

  • ◆Next year's Suigo Festival fireworks display and accommodation reservation right start date is undecided◆

    ★We are unable to respond to inquiries by phone or email.★

    ◆The reception for the next fiscal year (2024) is undecided.
    ·Regarding the reception start date and time,
    "We will inform you on our homepage.』\
    ※The publication date is undecided.
    ·We are planning to publish it in response to the decision of Suigo Festival Executive Committee next year.
    ·About Naniwa Issui Beer Garden… (There are no plans to hold the event next year.)

Reservations for Osechi dishes starting soon

  • Information on osechi cuisine

    It has been well received every year."Naniwa's New Year dishes"
    We will start accepting reservations soon.
    For "Sending flyers for seasonal dishes" and "Inquiries," please contact
    We accept orders at

Notice of reopening

  • Two guest rooms will be reborn in February 2023

    The new guest rooms "MINAMO 301 and 302" are twin-bed Western-style rooms with an open-air bath facing Lake Shinji.
    (There is an extra bed available, so it can accommodate up to 3 people.)

hospitality of Naniwa Issui

  • “All guest rooms have different designs and interiors.』\

    The time you spend at a ryokan is a big memory of your trip.
    Make your important "memories" more vivid,
    We have set up a guest room with the desire to deliver a little happiness.

    Each of the 23 rooms has a different design concept.
    We are proud of the individuality of each room, such as the floor plan, color tone, interior, and furnishings.

    A Special Floor Mizu-to-Kumo-no-show and a Design Floor MINAMO
    You can choose your room from two concept lines.
  • "Enjoy the spectacle of nature interwoven with the lake and the sky from the special seats.』\

    This facility, which stands along the Shinjiko lakeside, has lake views from all guest rooms.
    While being embraced by the natural scenery that changes its expression every moment,
    We hope you will enjoy the time and space that can only be found here.

    Sit on a chair on the terrace and float in the open-air bath in your room.
    Lie down on the daybed... There are various ways to enjoy it depending on the room facilities.

hospitality of Naniwa Issui - barrier-free Edition-

  • “We want everyone to have a comfortable stay.』\

    To be a guest-friendly inn.
    In this facility, public spaces, guest rooms, hot bath facilities, etc.
    All areas of the facility are barrier-free.

    Efforts to “universal design of Onsen inns” were evaluated,
    At the IAUD International Design Award 2020, an international award for universal design
    We received the first gold award as an inn/hotel.

    In order for everyone to have a comfortable stay,
    I would like to be an inn that evolves with ingenuity every day.

hospitality of Naniwa Issui

  • "Treatment with "Blessings of Shimane" guided by rich aroma』\

    Shimane Prefecture, which spins history from the mythical age,
    In recent years, attention has been increasing for materials related to “beautiful skin” along with “en”.

    This facility also focuses on Shimane Prefecture Product as therapeutic materials,
    We use oils extracted from organic plants such as rose, camellia, and Izumo ginger.
    I use it for original aroma oil.

    While the treatment is close to the guest's condition,
    Experienced therapists will treat you with hand techniques.

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Hotel Name

Naniwa Issui


63 Chidori Town, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture

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·10 minutes by car from JR Matsue Station  ※We do not provide pick-up service to JR Matsue Station. 
·8 minute walk from Matsue-Shinjiko-Onsen Station  ※Free pick-up service from Matsue-Shinjiko-Onsen Station(Reservation required)
·Matsue West ramp - 10 minutes by car 
·40 minutes by car from Izumo Airport
·Yonago Airport - 50 minutes by car

·There are 3 electric vehicle charging facilities (8 kilowatt "normal charging" facilities)
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