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Received a gold medal at the "IAUD International Design Award 2020", an international award for universal design.

Naniwa Issui has been working on barrier-free universal design for over 14 years.
This time, it is praised for promoting "universal design of Onsen inns", and it is the largest UD promotion organization in Japan.
Received a gold medal in the housing and construction category of the "IAUD International Design Award 2020" sponsored by the International Universal Design Council.
This is the first time that an inn or hotel has won the "IAUD International Design Award".

Naniwa Issui has Naniwa Issui
·Heisei (time period) 2016 barrier-free universal design promotion merit person commendation ceremony
Received “Cabinet Office Special Mission Minister's Commendation Excellence Award” by the Cabinet Office Special Mission Minister's Commendation Excellence Award (2016)
·Heisei (time period) December Matsue City Mayor's Commendation based on the Town Development Ordinance for people with and without disabilities award (2017)
·Actively working on the "Ai support movement" aimed at creating a society where people with disabilities can live comfortably.
All employees are "Ai supporter" and our company is also registered as an "Ai Support Company".

In the future, in order to realize "universal tourism that is easy for everyone to travel"
We aim to be a barrier-free universal design inn that will please all our customers in terms of hardware, software, and heart.
  • Room adapted for barrier free

    ◆There are 2 rooms for barrier-free guests.

    【Guest room with barrier-free open-air bath Sum + Western room Premium 201】
     ◎ A shower carry can be installed.(Reservation required,Free rental)

    【barrier-free sum + Western room 308 (Bathtub)】
     ●Shower carry cannot be installed.
      (Please use the free rental equipment such as bus boards.)

    ※Also, there to investigate a barrier-free information in all of the rooms.
     Please ask at the time of reservation if you need it.
    (You may have time to investigate additional requested information. )
  • About barrier-free in this facility

    As for the passage in this facility, we install step slope and lose step.

    ·2019 ... Introduced elevator for wheelchair
    ·January 2020… Elimination of steps from the lobby lounge to the garden
    (There are steps of about 5 cm in the public bath and open-air bath. )

    There are steps in existing rooms,
    We will continue to work to eliminate the level difference as much as possible.

    There are 2 multipurpose toilets in this facility.
    ·Before the public bath on the first floor ... Wheelchair compatible, Ostomate equipment, Baby Seat
    ·The second floor center center ... Wheelchair compatible, Baby Seat

    In addition, 2 rooms for barrier-free guests are wheelchair accessible.
    ·Room 201 ... Multipurpose restroom, Ostomate equipment
  • We have a courtesy bus compatible with wheelchairs

    There is a lift bus with wheelchair access at this property.
    (Capacity: 20 people+2 wheelchairs)
    ※Currently, capacity is limited as a measure against coronavirus infection:9 people + 1 wheelchair.

    Please make sure to inquire at the time of booking if transfer is possible.
    Please let us know.
    (Reservation required)
  • About Universal Design Equipment

    • We offer rental of assistance equipment and children's equipment free of charge.
      【Please ask at the time of booking】
      ·Wheelchair cushion (seat)
      ·Standing support handrail
      ·Auxiliary handrail(Bedside)
      ·Semi-high chair
      ·Bed tarpaulin
      ·Upper body bathing clothes for women (Bus time cover)
      ·Bathtub non-slip mat
      ·Adjustable height bath table
      ·Shower chair
      ·Universal tableware (spoon·fork·dish·Disposable apron)
      ·Brush box
      ·Shower carry (Room 201 only·Large public bath only)
      ·Bus board(For general rooms only)
      ·Wireless flash chime
      ·Fax for rental
      ·PHS for rental
      ★The number is limited, please understand if you can not prepare★
    • 【Rental equipment for children】
      ·iiwan tableware (Ochawan, milk cup, small plate, lunch plate, spoon, fork, apron)
      ·iiwan lying mattress (Until about 5 months)
      ·Baby tub
      ·Bath chair
      ·High low chair
      ·Bumbo (Low chair)
      ·Diapers only
      ·Auxiliary toilet seat for infants
      ★The number is limited, please understand if you can not prepare★
  • Bathing assistance service

    We will arrange for a bathing assistance helper (charged).
    Please enjoy the Onsen with a safe bathing assistance service.

    Price ¥ 3,300 per hour(Per helper, tax-excluded, non-care insurance services)
    The fee varies depending on the option fee and the contents of assistance.Please contact us.

    • 【On use】
      ·Please apply at the time of reservation (at least one week in advance).
      ·Onsen those who have difficulty bathing on their own when bathing in Onsen.
      ·In advance, we will ask you about your normal physical condition and the state of your care.
       (Helper will contact you directly.)
      ·The bathing assistance helper who you arranged will visit your room at the designated time on the day.
      ·Undressing, ERROR to a wheelchair for the bath, assistance when entering the bathtub, assistance in bathing, assistance when exiting the bathtub, wash the body, wash the hair, wipe the body, need help of Onsen bathing, such as clothing We will respond to a wide range of customer needs.
      ·Payment must be made at checkout.
      ·In addition to bathing assistance, we also accept reservations for sightseeing assistance.Extra charge